Paradise Road - Lopez Island

Welcome to Paradise Road, home of Bayhill Lavender Farm. An astonishing variety of landscapes and environments are present on this 35 acre retreat: serene pasturelands, dramatic rocky outcropping, pristine marine vistas, cool and shady northwest forest trails, native woodland wildlife habitat, private botanical gardens; such variety is a treasure, and truly rare.Whether the sun is sparkling on the duck pond, or raindrops freckle the windows of the main house, you'll soon find yourself calibrating time by a different measure.

Why not plan your day by gardens? Morning time bursts with nature's music in the Birdsong Garden. Stroll the Circle Garden at midday, soaking in the healing energy. Take afternoon tea in the Rose Garden, when perfume gently scents the air. Visit the lavender beds at twilight. Listen to the sleepy murmur of bees working the periwinkle fields.

Sun Dial

Relax. Refresh. Restore.
You're on island time now.

  • Madison Park
  • Paradise Road
  • Sylvan Cove
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