Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.
--James Lowell
his may be your most exclusive, comforting, totally relaxing vacation ever. While these private homes mirror the beauty of your own, guests tell us it is the freedom from responsibility … and the ambiance of peace, tranquility and renewal … that makes their stay at Luxury Homes so very special. Choose from a sophisticated urban retreat in Seattle, a lush 35-acre country estate in the San Juan Archipelago or a classic beach cottage on a remote 680-acre island preserve. Then begin dreaming of the possibilities.

the choice is yours

innovation in Philanthropy

We are committed to philanthropy and innovation to help address society’s challenges, those perennial and those unique to our times. Out of this commitment has grown the concept for Luxury Homes for Philanthropy: to create funding for philanthropy by generating income from under-utilized capital assets in the form of multiple residences. We have created what we have been unable to find for our own use: beautiful private homes and estates available for short term use, free from owner’s personal items; impeccably furnished, maintained and presented to equal that of the finest of hotels; along with all the convenience of a personal residence.


Ten percent of net income from Luxury Homes for Philanthropy is devoted to our philanthropic projects, supporting environmental health, education, social serves and the arts, is described on our website:


If you are interested in offering your properties through Luxury Homes for Philanthropy, please let us know. Our criteria is discriminating and our standards are meticulous. The hidden benefit is the properties prepared for offering through Luxury Homes for Philanthropy become the gold standard for maintenance, furnishings and organization, serving the interests of the owner as well as the guest. Let our experience be your guide.